Why Miss Colombia didn’t win the crown

Being a beauty queen  is a compilation of beauty, brain and talent. This is how we know that a lady is not only beautiful but a queen within.rs_300x300-151220191726-600-miss_colombiamiss_phillippines-jmd-122015rs_560x415-151220202213-634-phillipinescolombia-jmd-122015

This for me is the reason why Miss Philippines won the title and that Miss Colombia, though tagged as the most physically beautiful candidate of all, failed to win the battle.

gettyimages-502166540-676x450According to one of the pageant’s judge, Ms. Colombia failed to reach expectations when it comes to the question and answer portion of the game. This is when she is tagged to have a not so good attitude towards the translator who accompanied her in the event ( Though I really wonder, why does she need a translator in the first place when I was able to see on a backstage interview after the pageant, that she can speak English well).


On the other hand, Ms. Philippines answer the question thrown to her with poise and even said a very beautiful tagline ” I am confidently beautiful with a heart” which by the way is circulating the whole world of social media in a very good way.

This for me isthe-64th-annual-miss-universe-pageant_ee510ae8-a798-11e5-bc4d-302034fae57a the reason why, even though she has been the most beautiful woman int the pageant, she still landed as the first runner up (which for me is not really a bad place to be depending on how you would want to see it). And above all the drama and mistake that will make this year’s Miss Universe competition, most probably, the hardest one to forget; It is still very obvious, that beauty, brains and grace won the game.



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