Games of Thrones Characters Up close.

got21The Games of Thrones HBO series has hit the nation like an epidemic. It is an undeniable fact that men, children, and even women, who are actually expected to not really care about these kinds of stuff, are hooked by its medieval epic fantasy story. But who won’t be addicted to it with all the thrill and excitements, fun and adventures, knights and kings and a whole lot of battles that the Games of Thrones is offering to? You can definitely ask for more, so here is the list of the 15 Game of Thrones Characters In Their Youth, we chose the most loved ones.


Tyrion Lannister- Peter Dinklagegame-of-thrones-dinklage-665x3851

Born in Morristown, New Jersey, Peter Dinklage received his Drama Degree at Bennington College. This small but terrible Games of Throne character has achieved a lot in the acting field before he even landed on our favorite HBO series, some of his previous projects are, Living in Oblivion (1995), Elf (2003, Penelope (2006) and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008).

One thing that most fans don’t know about him is that he is actually a vegetarian! Yes, so if you see him eating meat on screen those are just tofu meat, such as tofu “beef” jerky and the like. And by the way, Peter Dinklage is the first choice for playing Tyrion Lannister and no one else.

Cersei Lannister-Lena Headley

Lena Headley is obviously a British actress; she is born in Bermuda and stayed there until she was 5. When she was 17, she was able to catch the attention of a casting agent which later on helped her find herself as part of the Waterland in the year 1992 this was her debut in the world of the rich and famous.

This pretty lady has at most traveled the world because of her job as an actress; part of her previous projects are The Jungle Book (1994), Onegin (1999), The Brothers Grimm ( 2005) and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in the year 2008.

Lena is also a vegetarian, but she acquired the skills of skinning a rabbit being part of the movie The Brothers Grimm way back 2005.

Lena Headley and Peter Dinklage are very close friends, and it is him who suggested to her that she should audition for the role of Cersei Lannister in the Games of Thrones, which she was able to get afterward.

Arya Stark -Maisie Williams


The Games of Thrones really poured out a lot for Maisie Williams, though she was also seen on other projects such as the Cyberbully on 2005 and The Falling (2004).

According to her, she fell in love with dancing first and movies just followed after, she has been dancing for four years now.

Maisie said: “[observation, 2014] I feel like I’ve grown up extremely quickly working on ‘Game of Thrones’. I’m now working in an adults’ world at sixteen… I can fly all the way to Northern Ireland,but I can’t book into a hotel because I’m still in my early teens. It’s like this weird limbo where half of me is, like, ‘Grow up!’ and the other half is, like, ‘You’re still a child’. This clearly resembles how most 16 year-old teen feels with or without Games of Thrones.

Daenerys Targaryen-Emilia Clarke

Her passion for drama started at the age of three when her mother took her to a “Show Boat” performance. She took her drama course at the prestigious Drama Center in Londonafterward,she was seen on Triassic Attach (2010) and her breakthrough Games of Thrones (2011).She won the EWwy award for best-supporting actress in a drama for one of her noted roles.

It is also a fact that Emilia is a bit popular with men as she rank on numerous sites and magazines as one having a beautiful face, one of these are Ranked 15 on the Askmen’s list of top 99 “ most desirable” famous women in the year 2013.

Catelyn Stark-Michelle Fairley

Even before Games of Thrones, we already saw Michelle Fairly on other movies such as the most beloved Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows: Part 1 and the Others (2001).

She said: “[on the Red Wedding, Game of Thrones] that was a lovely wedding! (laughs) I particularly liked the bride; I thought her dress was lovely.” She seems to be a very jolly person in reality.

Her good friends with Game of Thrones are her co-workers Lena Headey (Cersei) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark), some of the other pride if the movie along with other numerously talented stars of the Games of Thrones.

Jorah Mormont-Iain Glen

Iain Glen won the Bancroft Gold Medal what he graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was able to act both on stage and in the cinemas for various projects such as Macbeth by Iron theater, Henry V by (Royal Shakespeare Company) and in “The Blue Room” along with another known star Nicole Kidman, and where he was nominated for the Laurence Oliver Theater Award  in the year 1999 for best performance by an actor.

He also played as a villain in two movies based on video games such as Lara Croft: Tomb Rider, another one of my personal favorites, and The Resident Evil.

Jon Snow- Kit Harington

This man has a very beautiful lineage of royal blood and riches behind him, his paternal grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny; Kit’s eight times great-grandfather is the former King Charles II of England. And addition to this his father, Harington descends from politician Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, the bacon merchant T. A. Denny, clergyman Baptist Wriothesley Noel, merchant and politician Peter Baillie, peer William Legge, 4th Earl of Dartmouth, and MP Sir William Molesworth, 6th Baronet, So he seems to be living the Games of Thrones in real life.

He actually has a naturally dark brown hair which he sacrificed for his Games of Thrones role –Jon Snow. He also has a fear of spiders, needles and even flying, that is why he gets by either by cars or trains.

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