How to choose the best paint color for your home

wall-paint-color-samplesIt is a fact that colors have a great impact on our lives. In one way or the other, we tend to have a change of mood as we are exposed from one color hue to the next, such as we may be very energetic being surrounded by yellow painted walls of your kitchen then suddenly feel sleepy when you entered your blue colored room, this is the reason why choosing the best color for your home is something that you really need to put an effort on. And since it is not easy to choose the best color of paint for your dream house, here are house painting tips that might be beneficial for you to consider before you start painting your walls.


Colors are a window of your personality, if your favorite color is violet; then it is most likely that you will fill your beloved house with that color. However, there are a vast range of colors which is generally appealing to the eyes of most individual and so taking advantage of that is such a great thing to behold.color-157162707

Try referring to the color wheel of your favorite hues so you can have a wide range of attractive, fun and perfect shades that you can play with. Being guided by color schemes will also deliver added benefits to your color choice; familiarize yourself with monochromatic, adjacent, complementary and triadic color schemes to make the most out of the house paint that you opt to have. Adapting to color trends is also a good thing, you can find it on home decorating or improving magazines, and try to see if the style or shade of the color will suit your taste.


Aside from the aesthetic sense of colors, you need to also assess if the paints that you are using is suitable for the environment of you family. Try using non odor paints and easy to dry ones to ensure that no one will have an allergic reaction on the paint odor, especially for babies.


On the other hand, if you want the painting of your house to stand out, you need to choose a color that is not the same one as your loving neighbor’s fence. Put a little bit of effort in choosing a color that is not the same as others have but will definitely complement the whole area.

“A house is not just a building, it’s a home” this is something that we often hear which makes it the most probable reason why we invest a lot of time, effort and money to the beautification and safety of our houses. The fact that, at the end of every hard working day, you will always end up on the same house, with most probably with the same loving people that you value the most, that is why we want the place to be relaxing by choosing and employing the psychology of colors in our beloved sanctuary- our home.



In conclusion, painting your house is hard, but scrapping your house of an unwanted paint color is harder; so make sure that before you jump off your shoes and start getting busy with your paint brush and interior designing, be very serious with the color that you will use, remember, though this color may not be permanent, the time, effort and money that you have wasted on applying it will never be gained back.



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