World’s Fastest Car: 2016 Henessey Venom GT

hennessey_venom_f5_1A new thrill for car enthusiasts has just arrived! Introducing the 2016 Henessey Venom GT, a supercar assembled in England, which is based on Lotus Exige, created by Henneessey Performane Engrineer.


For those who are not yet aware, Venum GT has already set a Guinness World Record being the fastest production car for 0-300 kilometers per hour or 0-180 mph under an average acceleration of 13.63 seconds dated January 10, 2013.The supercar has made its grand entrance to the world of best cars at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas and will be available in coupe and convertible bodystyles, accompanied by a boost of power as well as speed.


The body of 2016 Henessey Venom GT, being classified as a Super Car, has 2-door coupe and a 2-door roadster, the layout is Longitudinal RMR layout which is related to Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige. Engine is 7.0L (427ci) LSX Turbocharged V8, while transmission is Ricardo 6-speed Manual. 2016 Henessey Venom GT dimensions are as follows: Wheelbase: 2,800mm (110.2 in), Length: 4,655 mm (183.3 in), Width: 1,960 mm (77.2 in), Height: 44.7 in (1,135.4 mm); Curb weight 2,743 lb or 1,244 kilograms


Hennessey Performance group engaged   Shuttle Landing runway through Performance Power LLC Space Act Agreement. Performance Power worked with all possible individuals in order to come up with the shuttle runway to validate the supercar’s engineering, innovative product design. The company joined forces with Johnny Bohmer and the Performance Power Team to make this supercar dream a tangible reality. Sold for the price of $1.25 million USD, the World’s fastest car is also the most extra ordinary supercar built as the world knows at the moment.

2011 Hennessey Venom GT

According to the Hennessey CEO, Don Goldman; “We’re thrilled about what we achieved at Cape Canaveral with the Venom GT, and now the World’s Fastest Edition is a living, breathing celebration of that record achievement.” Truly the company has leaped from the world of dreams to reality when they built 2016 Henessey Venom GT       with all the power, speed and accuracy that it has.

In a nutshell, The 2016 Henessey Venom GT is really such an amazing car; I know that you want to learn more about it, just like every car fan wants to. When I first saw the supercar’s image I imagined having one of it, though the amount is really very expensive in my case. If you are really interested with it, try to research more online, there are a lot of interesting information about the World’s Fastest Car you know.


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