7 Simple yet Best Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribes or Likes For Free

It is no doubt that the internet has been the best platform to promote any type of business nowadays, being visited by millions of people, called Netizens, who either aim to update their Social Networking site, such as Facebook, or just to simply surf the web.

One of the most visited online websites is YouTube. YouTube offers a wide array of videos ranging from Music Videos to Tutorials of any sorts, this makes the website a profitable avenue for those companies who aim to promote their product or services.However, companies or even some individual marketers needs to establish a huge number of Likers or Subscribes in YouTube to use the platform to its optimum potential. Considering the fact that the number of people having that same goal and agenda in mind is growing and your YouTube Channel would most probably be left on the bottom search list if you will not act on it now.
In connection with this, here is a list of the 7 Simple yet Best Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribes or Likes For Free that would help you achieve your goal so as to increase your potential sales in no time.


7 Simple yet Best Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribes or Likes For Free

1)Place Annotations all over you YouTube Video

YouTube Annotations are those which pop-ups on the screen of your YouTube Videos saying “ Please Subscribe” or “ Watch The Next Video” . The use of YouTube Annotations would lead your viewers to Subscribe on your channel whether intentionally -if they liked your content, or unintentionally because the annotation is just blocking their view, either way would be so much beneficial for you.

2)Create A YouTube Playlists

A lot of people doesn’t realize the power of placing your YouTube Videos on a playlist. A YouTube Playlist automatically plays the next video once the last one ends. In this way, you will be able to make your viewers watch most, if not all of your content, and if they liked it they would either share it, subscribe or go to your website to most probably purchase the thing which you are promoting.

3)Create an Avenue for Video Responses
Publicity , either good or bad , is still publicity, the same goes to Video Responses, comments create in one way or the other aids on your viewer’s decision whether to like or subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Moreover, as we all know, many of use just follows what the crowd dictates so If a lot of positive responses are to be seen on your Video Response, most probably the viewer would end up liking your Youtube Video or Subscribing to your Channel.


4)Incorporate the Use of YouTube Bulletins

One of the best ways to communicate with your fans is through the use of Bulletins which YouTube just introduced a year ago. Bulletins allows you to send out a text or a video to your subscribers which will appear on their homepage. This is a good way to have your fans updated while having the post shared on their homepage will also give your video the exposure it needs to get more subscribers.

5)Join Youtube Communities

Joining YouTube Communities will definitely help you collaborate with other YouTubers, acquiring some insights about how to improve your content while at the same time exposing your channel to more people and possible subscribers and or followers within and outside the Youtube Community you joined.

6) Choose a Trending Content

Selecting a trending content will increase your page ranking on the Google Search or any other search engine as well as on Youtube page itself. Try to incorporate your videos to what is “in” as of the moment, what the people are searching for and what is the hot topic. In addition to these, there is a bigger possibility for your video to be shared on other social networking sites, such as Facebook, if it is something “Real-time” and is of the highest interest for most people nowadays or at that current moment.


7)Go For Great Content and Update Regularly

Last but certainly not the least, is to make sure that your YouTube Videos are of utmost quality, something worth sharing and is edited near perfections because even if you did all of these tips from 1-6 but fail on this 7th, indeed Subscribers and likers will not flood your YouTube Channel. Take your content personally, try to assess it in a way that if you would be the viewer would you share this type of video or would you hit the thumbs down button? Be your most crucial critique.


In addition, it is not enough that you present beautiful videos you also need to update your YouTube Channel regularly, in this way Google will read your content more and will have a higher page ranking which increases your probability of acquiring more YouTube Subscribers and Likers.


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