‘GOD OF WAR’ Latest Gameplay Updates,Release Date: Boy’s Name Revealed!

Sony’s flagship game “God of War” has been receiving all praise since its first release in 2005. The main trilogy includes “God of War” in 2005, God of War II in 2007, and God of War III in 2010. In 2013 Sony released a prequel to the entire series as part of the fourth main installment. There are other side games that supported the story, but the most important update is the latest “God of War 4” or simply titled “God of War”.

Quick Review

At the end of “God of War” III Kratos killed Zeus. Athena reappears and asked Kratos to return her power. Kratos refuses and instead told Athena that his vengeance has ended. After such, he struck himself with the Blade of Olympus. In her disappointment Athena pulled the sword from Kratos and left him in a near death condition. There was a trail of blood in the post-credits scene that leads to the abandoned Blade of Olympus. With this seemingly hanging ending many question arise. Where is Kratos? Is he alive? What will happen after killing all the gods? Will the story continue? What is in store for “God of War 4”?

A New Beginning

According to reports Sony Entertainment revealed the new addition to “God of War” series. Although no exact release date is confirmed, “God of War” game overview can now be seen at Sony’s official play station website.  Kratos was known for his heartless nature, but in the new “God of War” he already put aside his vengeance against the gods of Olympus. The setting shifted from the Greek to Norse Mythology where he is now living as a man. The gameplay trailer opened with Kratos teaching his son how to hunt.

In his interview, Cory Barlog, the game’s director said that the new “God of War” will revolve around Kratos teaching his son to be god, and in the process, his son teaching Kratos to bring back his humanity. Kratos’ son is still unnamed until  a gamer discovered it to be Atreus according to a recent report. Director Barlog soon confirmed it in his twitter account. Atreus is Zeus’ grandson and is under his father Kratos’ training hands. More interesting stories are definitely worth the wait.

The Actions

“God of War” features an intimate over-the-shoulder free camera. The demo shows how closer the actions are. While the player controls Kratos, there is also a single button dedicated to control his son depending on the context. He can participate in combat, exploration, as well as solving puzzles. Since at the beginning of the gameplay Kratos is teaching his son, one of the game’s objectives is to pass the knowledge to the boy. As the game progress the boy learns different skills, archery skill being the first.

As of now the gameplay is focused on Kratos teaching and preparing his son Atreus. Though there’s a short fight scene with trolls not much is clearly revealed yet. It is still uncertain if Kratos will fight more gods. In the gameplay chained Blades of Athena doesn’t exist anymore. It was replaced with an axe that he can control and retrieve from afar. It inflicts ice damage, suggesting some elemental effects. In Kratos’ battle with a 20-foot troll, his Spartan prowess is still evident with his deadly blows. A little help from his son firing an electric arrow made the whole thing more exciting and entertaining.

Release Date

All in all, the preview gameplay has already received positive feedback. The release date is still a thing in the waiting list, but definitely this new addition to the “God of War” franchise is worth the wait.


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