Samsung J5 2016 How to Root Transfer Your Files From Internal Storage To SD Easier!

Here’s the thing, I am not a techy person, this is a product of an experience, which I decided to write to help those who are like me.

I bought a Samsung J5 2016 I just realized that the storage of the phone is 8gg and that I can hardly place anything on it! So I search on the internet about how to increase install the applications on my SD card/ memory and rooting is the best way.

Rooting your Samsung J5 2016 Step-by-Step:

  1. Download ODIN any version will do, I used the old one. However,  I had an issue with FRP locked then I realized you need to reset the phone first before doing anything. so while you are downloading ODIN. reset your phone. Go to Settings- Backup and Reset-Factory Reset. After that Go to About Device- Software Info- Click Build Number 7-10 times to enable USB Debug mode.
  2. Download Root Files I placed a link here. I have searched a lot of files on the internet for 3 days and this is the complete and working set I got so far, others are sometimes corrupt and this is the one the I used. 🙂
  3. Extract the file. then open your Odin.
  4. Your Samsung J5 2016 should be in Download mode. Press Home, Down, and lock button at the same time then when download Icon is up press Up bottom ( you will be asked to press up to continue).
  5. Connect your Samsung J5 2016 to Odin. Odin will show a messaged “Added”. After this click the AP/PDA upload the TWRP_3.0.2_SM_J510_2016_Recovery from the file you extracted.
  6. Click Start You will see a Reset message, then it’s good unless you see Fail.
  7. Copy the SuperSU-v2.76-20160630161323 file from the file you extract on your SD, you can use the USB or OTG on your laptop and just copy the file to your device on computers.
  8. Now you need to press Lock, Home and Up button at the same time (this is something most guides fail to emphasize honestly, which led me to brick my phone huhuhu and think that I need to reroot it over since something is not working right, anyway I know it now haha) Format , just swipe there would be a swipe instruction at the bottom of the screen. Then go to install- pick storage should be SD- look for the file SuperSU-v2.76-20160630161323 and install it. After this reboot the system
  9. Do not place a google account just yet.
  10. Download Link to SD and Permit it on SuperUser. Link to SD This help me or you can use other App if there is something better. I just don’t understand the Second Partition thing and it made me format the memory card with all those memories in it – do not do that.
  11. Now you are done 🙂 Enjoy!



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