‘Ghost Brothers’ News, Spoilers & Updates: Longleaf Sawmill Friendly Encounter!

The Ghost Brothers are on it again

The Ghost Brothers are on it again. Their mission? To hit the most haunted locations in America. To prove that ghosts are for real. Last week they investigated the Thornhaven Manor in New Castle Indiana. A strong presence inside the house welcomed them through a banging of a sealed door in daylight. This happened while they were having a little interview with the present home owner. This incident gave them the impression that what’s in there is something aggressive. Now isn’t that a good start for their new adventures for this season 2?

We’ve seen the Ghost Brothers Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus in last year’s season 1 as they perfectly incorporated their charismatic humor with their hunger for paranormal discoveries. They knew what they are after and at the same time also knew when to say it’s enough. In last week’s episode they were so determined to find out the secrets inside the Thornhaven Manor. Using their gadgets and gut feeling they pushed through the mission. But as soon as they heard the word “Hell” twice, they knew it was time to stop. On their way out they concluded that there were more than two entities inside including Scooby-Doo, Casper, and Beetlejuice to add humor to it and stamped the Thornhaven Manor as certified haunted.

From Aggressive to Little Friendlier Entity

This is not the first time that the Sawmill would be investigated because of the rumored haunting in the place. Now the Ghost Brothers joined by a local volunteer and another two local paranormal investigators will join forces to see if it is really haunted or not.

Let the Hunting Begin

[Spoiler Alert: You have been warned]

Let it begin or has it begun? According to reports even before the Ghost Brothers officially start their paranormal investigations Dalen already felt something. Tracy, the volunteer accompanying them confirmed that that is not actually a unsual event, at a specific place in the Sawmill where they are standing. Was it only Dalen or do the others felt it too?

When Ghost Brothers Investigate, they Become Creative

We’ve seen the Ghost Brothers recreate a breakfast scene in the last episode to create a trigger object. And it did trigger something. This time they are stirring it up again by recreating a train scene with a set of tracks where a man was believed to be killed. A dramatic scene that would possibly got a paranormal response. Part of the investigation was a pit where someone died. The hole is narrow and no one among them can possibly get down. What they did is to be creative to get the camera down the hole with a little help of a duct tape. What was in there? No we don’t want to spoil everything.

Ghost Brothers will show more about the Louisiana’s Longleaf Sawmill. Will it be stamped haunted? As there are many things yet to be revealed you have to tune in on Friday night at 10 p.m. ET. and see it for yourself.


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